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Explainer Video Makers (EVM)

who we are ?

Few Words on Best Explainer Video Production Studio.

We are a group of creative artists actively involved in Explainer Video Production, White Board Animation, Motion Graphics, Kinetic Typographic Animation, Infographic Animation, Screen Cast Videos, Medical Instruction Videos etc. It is our privilege to offer innovative multimedia creations in the service of product marketing and promotion. We are capable of delivering high quality explainer video that meet your business needs. Join hands with us to explore the best explainer video services.

Multi Services Under One Roof

Explainer Videos

We extract the quintessence from intricate and boring ideas and convert it into brief, sweet and easily comprehensible explainer videos.

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Digital Marketing

Branding increases the value of your organization, reputation and conversions. Brand yourself with the best professional Digital Marketing team.

Software Solutions

Prayan Info Tech, our sister concern, provides effective software solution and services in website design, web development and mobile applications.

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Animation Services

Prayan Animation, our sister concern, delivers the best quality 2d and 3d animation, comic book illustrations, info graphic animation and production services.

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Script :  With our team of highly experienced and creative script writers, we can help you in creating the best scripts for your requirements. Our professional script writers can support you in writing scripts for best explainer videos, animations, commercials, promos and more.

Voiceover :  Within few days, you can choose and record the right voice over for your business. Anytime, anywhere, access to a global network of voice talents.

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How Explainer Videos are useful?

Just Imagine Yourself as the Pioneer in Business with Explainer Video Makers.

Due to the expansion of digital space, people are getting more connected with one another. As the market clutter is peaking, businesses cannot prosper unless and until they make an impact. Today, in the midst of hectic schedule, consumers do not have the time to go through boring ads or monotonous marketing e-mails. A knack is required to persuade and bring them to your product in the minimum possible time. There lies the relevance of explainer videos. Such videos penetrate right into your target group’s psyche and make them feel the worth of your product/service. Once you succeed in creating better impressions your business is bound to scale greater heights of success.

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Work Flow

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Writing the script is a vital part of creating a foundation for your video. The script becomes the voiceover. Shoot a concept that gives us the information we need to write a compelling script.

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We animate the stills which we create and we pull in the voiceover, background music, sound effects, and your logo to create your complete video.

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We arrange the studio recording of the voiceover. We hire professionals to record the voiceover for the video. We provide options in term of accent and gender as a part of audition.

We are Ready to Help

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Why Explainer Video?

Short Animated Video to Express Your Business in a Creative Way.

It’s quite difficult to express your business to potential customers in an effective way. This is where an animated video plays a key role. An explainer video can help you to care your business. An explainer video assists business to connect better with potential customers by explaining what your business can do for them and why they should prefer you to other competing businesses.

At EVM (Explainer Video Makers), we have an eccentric bunch of storytellers who breathe life into your brand with designs, illustrations, and animations. Brevity is the soul of wit and hence we always try to keep the videos short and sweet. We understand the core proposition of your offering and explain it to your target audience in a way that could be easily grasped. Once you earn their trust, you have their business!

  • “EVM Team were very easy to deal with. They handled our requirements very well, required minimal direction and produced a high-quality piece of video within the short timeframe given. We'd highly recommend The EVM Team to anyone looking for an experienced and skilled team for any Product Promotion Videos.”

    - Adam Reed

  • “Great company! Responds well to detailed feedback. Willing to do what is required. We will hire them again.They seemed to enjoy doing their work well and wanted to please me as a client.”

    - Mike Whitla

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