Difference between 2d animation and an Explainer Video

Difference between 2d animation and an Explainer Video

Before engaging yourself in doing activities that relate with perilous issues and are related with important and beneficial tasks, is always better for one to have a clear understanding of something.  Explainer videos in this case have different mechanisms of generating them with different specifications that suit specified applications. As a result, before coming up with the explainer videos, it is quite important for one to have a clear understanding of the main features that distinguish it from the 2D animations. The following are some of the features that differentiate the 2D animation from explainer videos.

To begin with an explainer video is a precise animated video that mainly targets explaining or rather expounding much of a business idea in a manner that is simple and engaging by use of clear language that is appealing and bear attractive visual effects that quickly and instantly grabs the viewers attention. On the other hand, 2d animation refers to the graphics that make movements in only in a two-dimensional artistic space and requires high level of creativity and technology to develop.

Additionally, an explainer video as opposed to 2d animation, can use real person characters depending on the application and function of the video whereas the 2d animation has to use animated characters who only encapsulate it to 2-dimension state space.

It is also important to note that the explainer video has a fixed duration that requires it to last for a maximum of 90 seconds and a minimum of 15 seconds while a 2D animation can go for up to 2 hours of story giving.

Last but not least, an explainer video is must and i9s designed to give a description of a product for the purpose of promoting it and the company in the story while a 2D animated film is not a must that it has to give the description of a product.

In a nutshell, the above points keenly explain the differences between an explainer video and a 2D animation. When in need of an explainer video, do not hesitate to visit the explainer video experts for the same. Simply click the contact us button and we will get back to you as fast as possible. Prayan animation Studio. Your true explainer video maker.

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