Ideal Duration of an explainer video for encouraging targeted audience

Ideal Duration of an Explainer Video for Encouraging Targeted Audience

Many people or rather businesses are developing explainer videos day and night to market their products. However, they are facing different challenges when it comes to ensuring that the explainer video is engaging and captivating abundantly to grab people’s attention.  At the same time, there could be stiff competition out there, and therefore you need enough time to air your message, idea or product description in order to ensure you deliver well.  The big question that usually rings in the minds of every product manager is what is the ideal duration for an explainer video in order for the target audience to be encouraged?

Due to the reduced concentration span of man from time to time to some little seconds of time, there is no fixed time needed for an explainer video but the ideal duration should be 45 to 90 seconds. This is because, the human concentration goes hand in hand with the aspects of attention hunt and engagements.  The following are some of the information from varying video lengths and number of engagements that may help you viewers from the start;

Primarily, in order that you catch people’s attention, it is important that you develop a catchy and attractive content that completely hooks the attention of a viewer immediately from the start up to the latter end.  Generally, when handling people with a short attention span you have to be careful about the duration of your video. Explainer videos with a duration of less than 2 minutes usually have very many viewers. Keeping your video with a duration under 2 minutes keeps your viewers engaged and entertained.  Explainer videos with more than 2 minutes usually have low number of engagements hence it is advised that your video should have a short duration so that engages viewers more.

In summary, it should be known that ideally, the standard duration for a tutorial explainer video should be 45 to 90 seconds. Having an explainer video more than 2 minutes is not efficient. A commercial explainer video should go for at most 15 to 59 seconds. On the other hand, crowd funding videos should be averagely 2.5 minutes. Testimonial videos should be 60 to 119 seconds. With the above stated minutes ad duration, it should be easier for you to select your preferred video duration for maximum performance. For more information about the explainer video duration and quality attention grabbing explained videos, contact the Prayan animation studios for more information.

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