Things to know before planning B2B Explainer Videos

Things to know before planning B2B Explainer Videos

In the recent years, B2B marketers have come to a realization of the importance of video marketing in their campaigns. A good explainer video can radically increase your conversion rate bearing in mind that you are dealing with people and that you have target audience. If you come up with a good video, people will react positively and converse is also true. However, if the video is true, it will take the people through the funnel of marketing and you will reap well.  As a result, the following are things to know before planning B2B explainer video.

 Firstly, you need to know the purpose of the video. Top notch B2B explainer videos ought to have a clear defined purpose. Furthermore, in order that your video gets optimal results, it has to contain the right contents at the various phases of the marketing funnel. Therefore, this call you too carefully consider what you want to get with your B2B explainer video. For instance, is your video aiming at creating awareness, building trusts or generating leads? Once you have decided this, you can determine the best explainer video for your purpose.

Secondly, you have to to know the required quality. It is paramount that your video fulfills the professional standards and is of excellent quality. A video that looks armature does not capture audiences’ attention in the required manner and may lead to interest loss in your product or service.

To add on the same, the length of the video is also a key thing. 90 seconds is ideal however, 2 minutes and below is acceptable. If you got a lot to put across, you better come up with a series of videos.  By identifying areas of great interest and coming up with series of videos can be hyper-targeting and appropriate for certain viewers. In this manner you will be able to capture and address the problems in a more effective way.

Additionally, a good B2B video should offer solutions. It should be known that is when you provide a solution to a problem is when people will have an engagement with your video content. A good B2B video should start with the customer’s dilemma and offers a solution how the problem was tackled with the product or service. If they can be able to identify, it challenges them to have a taste of the same.

In a nutshell, a video is a powerful tool that enables B2B businesses run. Furthermore, majority of B2B clients watch videos to help them make buying decisions. Therefore, a B2B video is essential tool as far as it is concerned and therefore before planning for the same, good strategies have to be put in place to ensure a spectacular end result.

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