Upcoming Explainer Video marketing trends in 2019

Upcoming Explainer Video marketing trends in 2019

Like any other areas of specializations, explainer video marketing also develops in one way or another. There are variety of techniques that one can use to achieve the best out of explainer videos as far as marketing is concerned. On a yearly basis there are several trending factors that have been arising especially in this area of marketing with explainer videos. As a result, the people who are interested in dealing with these explainer videos in marketing are always on the watch out to see which trending factors arise day by night in order that they keep their marketing up to date. The following are some of the upcoming explainer videos marketing trends that one is supposed to expect in 2019.

Firstly, the explainer videos are going to get search friendly by the year 2019. By the aid of AI and the use of closed captions make the search of videos in the search engines more searchable. This happens especially when the above named technologies transcribe the video audio in line with the voice recognition to make videos searchable. Additionally, with search engine optimizers like google, they announced a feature on google related applications in that on hover over the video a 6 second preview of the video which will make it easier for advertising.

Additionally, by the year 2019, the explainer videos are taking a serious course with augmented reality and virtual reality. Despite this technologies being around for quite some time, in the past years is when they have started to win mainstream use. This technology usually makes the viewer feel part and parcel of the video and hence this feature is no longer targeting gaming applications but also in marketing and social media and more.

Furthermore, by 2019, the explainer video marketing is expected to go on one. This is because, by virtue of the ease of shooting videos, the marketers and business persons are discovering the potential of lead nurturing and customer communication sending personalized videos to their clients instead of mails and calls.

Last but not least, the most attention grabbing explainer video trend by 2019 is that the videos are going on the blogs. This is simply vlogging. Video blogging is one of the major upcoming trends in content marketing as far as explainer videos are concerned simply because it has a number of spotted advantages. Quick connecting with the viewers because of the authenticity of the video, they are also able to build a community of like-minded people and finally, the vloggers will be in a position to monetize their vlogs via sponsorship, product and content placement, native service advertisement and many more.

In summary, in the year 2019, a lot more is expected with the explainer videos hence an advice to the business and marketing companies, is that they quicken their urge of preparing an explainer video for their business so as to be prepared to easily fit in the competitive and interesting upcoming technologies.

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