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What is Whiteboard Animation?

We cannot deny the ever-increasing importance of videos in the best marketing campaigns out there. Brands are coming up with creative ways to convey their ideas and engage with the audience. However, it seems that somewhere we are still quite comfortable with the “old-school” techniques. That is how whiteboard animation works.

OK – What Whiteboard Animation is anyways?

Remember those days when your teacher used to draw diagrams, graphs and mind-maps to deliver difficult concepts? Well, it’s time to revive that nostalgia with whiteboard animations! In simple words, such videos are a bunch of static images and words that are drawn on a white background as the story in the video unfolds. At the end, you see a complete story board with all the ideas drawn in engaging, mesmerizing manner.

And Why Should I Use It?

It is a well-known fact that viewers often retain videos and short clips better than blog posts and written text. Whiteboard animations go a step further. If you ever had a chance to see it, you may appreciate how captivating those drawings are. So, having a quick whiteboard animation introducing your business is more likely to stay with your potential customers.

In one word, such videos are memorable.

So, what’s the cost of production?

There is a wide range of prices for whiteboard animations and various factors contribute to it. First, you need to decide whether you want a classical video with static images or dynamic animations that show some sort of movements. The latter option is quite expensive and is usually preferred by a few brands. The length of the video is another factor determining the total cost. However, a short clip of less than a minute often fulfills the purpose of business marketing in most scenarios.

To get a quote for your whiteboard animation, contact us today at [Contact Details]. Finally, it’s always great to have a clear image of the end product you want to see. The better you explain us your objectives, the more impressive video we can make for you.

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