Screencast Video

Screencast Video

Screencast video is the digital recording of a computer or a mobile screen. It is commonly known as video screen capture as it includes the live recording of a digital screen. It will often include a voice-over explaining the process. Anyone who wants to teach or present something can produce a screencast. It is very easy to make and requires only limited resources. The basic requirement is a good idea of what you want to showcase in your video, some screen recording software, a microphone, and a willingness to share your ideas with the world.

Uses of Screencast Videos

  • It is widely used in software demonstration. Creating a screencast video helps the developers to show the working of the software easily.
  • It is also used in used to show the working of the apps as well as for bug reporting of the apps
  • It helps the users to understand a particular website link will work.
  • It also helps in demonstrating form filling or other related activities in a website
  • Screencast video is also used widely in online tutorials for different software and other related tools. It gives the student an outline of the actual working of the software and other tools.


  • The main advantage of screencast video is that it is cost effective.
  • It is most suitable for software and other related platforms
  • It helps to provide the product features to the customers
  • It is an easy method of explaining complex features of your mobile application or software as a service (SaaS) to your customers
  • Most of the time, this screencast videos can act as your customer support service. With a screencast video you can convey the ideas easily with real-time video recordings.

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