Title Animation Video

Title Animation Video

A title animation also called as intro or an opening sequence is the method used in films, television programs or other videos to show their title, key production and cast members using conceptual visuals and sound. It may consist of live actions, logo animation, text animations, effects etc.

Components for the Title Animation:


The first thing to consider while doing title animation is the background selection. You can choose either a mono-color background or with some visual effects so that it will be appealing to your viewers.

Fond Selection

Selection of the fond or text is another thing we have to consider for title animation if your title has any text in it.


You must be clear about the type of animation you needed for your title animation. Usually it will be a limited or a simple animation or a logo animation.

Music and Sounds

The choice of the suitable sound and music for the video is also crucial. Sometimes the music and sound effects used can become an identity for your business.

Benefits of using Title Animation or Intro videos

  • Capture a Wide range of audience.
  • With an eye-catching intro video, more people are going to stay longer on your website. The intro video will help to know more about the company and will improve your credibility.

  • Promotes your Brand.
  • Placing an animated video in your website helps to improve your website ranking by google

  • It will provide uniqueness for your business identity
  • For simple yet interesting Title animation for your business contact Prayan Animation Studio. With our well experienced professional team we can help you create unique and interesting Title animation videos for your business.

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