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Our services include White Board Animation, Motion Graphic Video, Kinetic Typography Video, Info graphic Video, Screen Cast Video, Cutout Animation Video and many more.

Basic 2d Animation

The most common and best technique for B2C or B2B companies is 2d Character Animation. It is broadly used and it is the most popular technique used in explainer video. In this technique the characters as well as scenes are created in a 2D space. This technique is used most commonly since it conveys emotions directly to the audience and it is an ideal form for customers or audience to share.

White Board Animation

Whiteboard Animation video uses simple black and white illustration on white board to explain the concept. This is another preferred and popular style used by B2C and B2B companies since white board animation helps to explain a product or service procedures deeply and clearly. The whole story is just described as pop ups of drawings and this technique offers straight forward and up to the point benefit.

Motion Graphic Video

This technique is mainly used by companies having complicated services or products to explain in detail or to bring trust to their brand. 2D motion graphics animation is primarily characterized for engaging and for direct explanation on products. The graphics used in this technique show how the service or product makes benefit to a customer.

3D Animation

It is one of the expensive techniques and hence it is not suitable if your business has a small budget. This technique is most commonly used in commercial purposes due to the high quality and it makes your brand noticed in an instant. The production time for 3D animation is longer compared to other techniques.

Stop Motion

This technique is most familiar among users since it is used on short films and movies for a truly unique effect. Stop motion is done by creating illustration movements after photographing an object and those frames are played to form a sequence. This technique is also expensive but it creates a unique effect and it is not reusable.

Kinetic Typography Video

Typographic fonts are animated to express an idea on this type. Sounds will be simple but the proper selection of fonts and voice provides a unique experience for the audience.In this technique, animation is made by expanding letters, motions, shrink, color gradients, fly and by numerous ways. The effects can be simple, short or lengthy.

Info Graphic Video

Info graphic video animation is preferred to explain financial data, numbers, figures, facts and so on. It is a type of motion graphics in which charts, numbers, facts, data and other kind of statics are packed and animated to form a well structured video. This helps audience to listen and understand the facts and figures easily rather than reading a text data.

Screen Cast Video

This technique is one of the low cost alternatives to make a video and it is commonly used on tutorials. In this an audio narration is implemented on a digital recording. This technique does not work for your explainer video but depends on your product or services. If your business is software or any other complex platform, this technique will be the best.

Cutout Animation Video

As its name implies, cutout animation shows the cutout of characters and objects on paper in a sequence. This technique is very simple in terms of look and presentation since movements are simple using cut outs. This technique has both advantage and disadvantage of simplicity in presentation.

Title Animation Video

Title video should be the most memorable and important one to express your business in an effective way before starting the entire presentation. Title video animation is generally used on classic movie, TV shows etc. EVM provides an appropriate title animation video to improve audience retention.

Testimonial Video

It is Old, but powerful way to impress audience by sharing the experience of a client about your business or services in front of a camera. Budget of a testimonial video can be reduced by introducing real peoples and by using handy camera. EVM helps and supports in creating high quality testimonial videos with neat animation.

Medical Animation Video

Medical animation video helps to create a dynamic audio and video explanation of complicated medical information very effectively and conveniently for patients, students, doctors etc. The experienced team in EVM is capable of delivering high quality medical Animation video.

Explainer Videos can be implemented in various businesses. Boost your brand by integrating Explainer Videos in your business.

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Real Estate

Want to take your real estate business to next level. Explainer Video Makers are with you.

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Explainer videos can help you in construction business. Don’t miss it.

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Take good food be healthy. Grow your restaurant with the help of Explainer Video.

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Don’t miss the chance to integrate Explainer Video to Medical field. We are ready to help you.

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Send your invitations in a unique way with Explainer Video Makers.

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Are you running an IT company? Then why are you waiting to implement Explainer Video.

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The easy, best and effective method to market your product or services is Explainer Video. Just try it out.

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Effective media for marketing is by presenting an eye- catchy Explainer Video to to draw attention rules over materials more easily.

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It is important for MNC’s to implement Explainer Video to improve the trust and brand to next level.

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The easy way to present anything is video, but the evolution of explainer video rules any other kind of video. Get a look.

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Explainer video is an easy and effective method to inform audience about your educational activities.

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Human Resources

Explainer video helps employees to gather and implement new materials easily and quickly than through text or video.

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Professional Services

Explainer Videos can help in professional services by Brand Positioning, Value Promotion, Service Offering, Sales and Compliance Regulatory.

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Apps and Software

Application and software can be easily described to potential customers through explainer videos.

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Explainer videos can easily accomplish the knowledge and methods in Fitness education and health consciousness.

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